Product Design (CAD/CAE) Complete list of courses.

Introductory course on Product design - General

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The course covers contemporary product design issues, three-dimensional problem solving, and the design process. Theoretic problems are assigned involving problem understanding, analysis, and semantics. Computer-aided designs and physical models are created to visualize design concepts and to evaluate solutions.

Course Fee & Duration : 3700 INR, 10 Days

Introductory course on Product design - Machines

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The primary objective of this course is to teach the fundamentals of machine design, students will be taught how to design and simulate a complete machine using latest tools and techniques. With an understanding of these concepts, students can streamline the design process when working with the extended design team, have more control over the consistency of their designs.

Course Fee & Duration : 6700 INR, 30 Days

Introductory course on product design - Aerospace

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The course explores the latest tools and techniques used in designing aerospace vehicles.This course will culminate with a significant final project. Learning may be supplemented with periodic guest lectures by aeronautical engineers from industry.

Course Fee & Duration : Request Information

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